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Responsible Solutions for Rural Coloradans

I’m Russ Andrews, and I’ve called Colorado home since 1994 when I moved here with my wife of 40 years Lori, and three children. My journey has been one of dedication, diverse experiences, and a commitment to serving our community.

A Proven Track Record

In high school, I excelled both on the track and academically, earning seven varsity letters in track and cross country and induction into the National Honor Society. My dedication to excellence led to acceptances at prestigious institutions, including USC, Lehigh, Stevens Institute of Technology, Clarkson, and the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.

Ultimately, I pursued my Bachelor of Engineering in Marine Engineering (B.E.M.E.) at SUNY Maritime College at Fort Schuyler. This esteemed institution, authorized to award Bachelor of Engineering degrees, provided a rigorous education. I was proud to become the first cadet in three years to achieve a perfect score on a U.S. Coast Guard test, demonstrating my commitment to excellence.

A Diverse Career

After graduation in 1983, I ventured into the technology sector, advising the Navy on vital programs and design processes. Later, I joined Texaco Marine Services as a Third Engineer on a T2 oil tanker.

In 1987, I transitioned to the world of finance, joining Merrill Lynch as a financial adviser. Today, after 36 years, I’m still passionately serving clients in the financial sector.

Community Involvement

Beyond my professional life, I’m deeply committed to our community. I’ve served on the boards of the Independence Pass Foundation and the Aspen Camp School for the Deaf. I’ve volunteered for the Aspen Junior Golf program and played a pivotal role as the Chief Gate Judge for major ski races, including FIS, NORAM, and World Cup events.

Currently, I’m honored to be an ambassador at Snowmass Ski Area, actively engaging with our vibrant community.

Passions and Family

I’m an enthusiastic golfer, skier, and big game hunter, sharing these passions with my wife, Lori. Together, we own 19 firearms and advocate responsible firearm ownership.

In addition to our shared interests, Lori manages our financial services business, leveraging her impressive musical talent as a violinist in several groups.

Our children, Jessica, Dalton, and Sara, have grown into remarkable adults, each with their unique achievements and contributions to society. We are proud grandparents, cherishing every moment with our grandson, Jackson.

Our family includes Otto the Bloodhound, Levon the Golden Whack-a-Doodle, and Murdering Myrtle, our cat.

A Lifetime of Achievements

My life’s journey has been marked by achievements, dedication to our community, and a commitment to excellence. For over 14 years, I’ve been a weekly guest on KNFO’s David Bach show, discussing politics and personal finance.

Join me in making a difference in our community. Together, we can bring positive change and a brighter future for Colorado.

I stand for freedom, the 2nd Amendement and what's right for our community. Let's bring drama free and logic based solutions back to Colorado District 3

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