Russ Andrews

Problem Solver

“My values are God, country, family, prosperity, a light regulatory touch and retention of our property rights”

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Russ Andrews is a conservative thinker, writer and speaker who moved his family to Colorado in 1994. Russ has served on local non-profit boards and was the chief gate judge for all major ski races in the Aspen area for nearly a decade. Russ has appeared weekly on the David Bach show on KNFO for 14 years, where he has discussed politics and finance. Russ is running for the GOP nomination for Colorado's Third Congressional District (CD-3) to restore Western Slope and Rural Colorado Values. Russ also wants to preserve the seat as a Republican stronghold in a district that most Republican candidates should win by 29,000+ votes. Russ' first priority when he reaches Congress will be to reach out to every other Congressperson and Senator to find common ground on legislation he is proposing.

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