Trump Must Be Guilty of Something…

Dear Editor, I was bemused by Mick Ireland’s Monday column wherein he played off of congressman Adam Shiff(tless)’s absurd mob boss parody last Wednesday of President Donald Trump’s phone call last May with Ukraine president Zelensky.  The Mickster, like most everybody on Team Green is convinced that President Trump must be guilty of something….anything to justify removing him from office, thereby negating the votes of some 63 million voters and 307 electors. I have questions for the former mayor:

* Hunter Biden was discharged from the navy in 2014 for testing positive for cocaine. Arizona Police found a crack pipe in Hunter’ crashed rental car in 2017.  Many among us have struggled with addiction and have led otherwise productive lives.  But, how was an addled Hunter Biden with no specific experience in the energy industry, nor in Ukraine in general qualified to sit on the board of a Ukrainian energy company which was owned by a allegedly corrupt oligarch?  And, why was the young Biden princeling afforded a $50,000 per month salary from said oligarch?

* Joe Biden’s little brother James’ employer was awarded a $1.5 byn residential housing project in 2012 in Iraq.  Reportedly, Little Jimmy had zero experience in home building.  Little Jimmy’s boss has publicly bragged that his company was awarded the bid because V.P. Joe Biden was his brother.  So Mick, are you generally in favor of politicians and their families profiting from their public offices?  Or should only democrats sell access to their power (see Clinton Family Foundation)?

* In March, 2016 Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1,000,000,000 in U.S. aid from Ukraine unless the federal prosecutor investigating his son’s employer (Mykola Zlochevsky) was fired within six hours.  For grins and giggles lets assume the roles were reversed.  Assume for a moment that Donald Trump Jr. sat on the board of a foreign firm, that he possessed zero experience in the company’s business, and was paid 50 large per month.  Now imagine the owner of junior’s employer was under a federal investigation for corruption, and that President Trump called the President of Ukraine and demanded the removal of the prosecutor investigating junior’s boss, while withholding $1,000,000,000 in aid.  How would you feel about that scenario Mayor Mick?

I predict that in the coming weeks we will learn that House democrats have been preparing the so-called whistleblower complaint for more that two months.  Coincidently (NOT), House democrats changed the whistleblower rules last month to allow here-say complaints.  Remember, the so called whistleblower only has second and third party knowledge of the phone call in question.

Finally, democrats are cynics at heart. They understand that 98% of Americans will never take five minutes to actually read the transcript of the big phone call.  Their left-wing-nut allies in the media will gleefully play along.  The point is that there is absolutely nothing in the transcript that indicts the president.  By the way, now that Joe Biden has essentially been disqualified from the 2020 nomination, congrats go out to Pocahontas.

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